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5 Areas to Use Drawer Organizers

The organization experts at STORi created a list of the top areas in the home to use drawer organizers. Imagine your life organized with these tips.

1: Office

Simplify your workspace with organized drawers. Drawer Organizers keep tape dispensers and note pads in place.

2: Vanity

Store palettes, blender brushes, and foundation compacts in vanity drawers. Arrange individual Drawer Organizers of different sizes to fill your space. Try a Multi-size Drawer Organizer Set to store a variety of cosmetics.

3: Kitchen

Organize baking utensils and cooking tools in kitchen drawers. Large clear drawer organizers sort everyday kitchen gadgets of any size.

4: Craft

Explore your creative side with an organized craft room. Small Drawer Organizers sort beads, buttons, and brads. Long Drawer Organizers make stamps, paint brushes, and ribbons easy to find.

5: Kids

Set up organized spaces for kids’ craft supplies and toys with clear Drawer Organizers. Divide craft room drawers to sort crayons, markers, and scissors. Create a toy drawer full of games, books, and balls for hours of fun.

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