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5 Quick and Easy Tips for Kitchen Organization

The organization experts at STORi created a wish list with the top storage ideas for kitchen. Try these tips to create a more functional and organized kitchen.

Tip 1: Sort utensil drawers

Easily locate cooking utensils in drawers with divided and durable organizers. Consider sorting kitchen gadgets by use to simplify your cooking process. Modular, clear organizers are the perfect choice for custom cutlery organization.

Tip 2: Organize pantry and cabinet shelves

Stackable organizers are a space-saving solution for pantry and cabinet shelves. Bins provide quick access to family-favorite snacks. Sort treats, baking supplies, and drink mixes in stackable drawers. Create custom labels to add a personal touch.

Tip 3: Prepare the dining area

Keep everyday meal essentials within reach on any table or countertop. A divided organizer with pass-through handles is a portable option to bring most used items such as ketchup, mustard and other condiments to the table. Keep napkins and cutlery upright in this clear tabletop set.

Tip 4: Create a coffee station

An organized coffee station creates a calm and simplified morning routine. Stackable drawers in a mocha mist color are the ideal storage solution for kitchen counters. Sort coffee bags in the large drawers and the small drawers keep coffee pods organized. A clear apothecary jar holds coffee supplies and k-cups in style.

Tip 5: Simplify under the sink storage

Extra sponges, bottles, and towels seem to multiply under the kitchen sink. Keep cleaning essentials in open compartment and divided bins. Choose bins with handles to carry supplies around your home. Store extra sponges and cloths in drawers. Easily see if any items need to be refilled thanks to the clear design.

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