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A Quick Guide to Organizing your Home

November 15, 2019

The organization experts at STORi curated a list with the top organizing products for any space. No matter which area of the home you need to organize, STORi has fresh organizing ideas for you.

Idea #1 Focus on one space at a time

Once you decide to begin organization at home, choose one area to focus on at a time. Breaking up your home into smaller projects is the best way to organize without feeling overwhelmed.

Idea #2 Evaluate your need

There are many ways to organize your home. We suggest you survey the space prior to buying home organizers. Measure the shelves and surfaces first and take inventory of the products that will be stored there. Finally, purchase the best organizing boxes and bins for your space.

Idea #3 Group items by use

To ensure you stay organized in the future, it is best to sort products to match your routine. A good way to do this is to group items you frequently use together. For example; 5-compartment vanity organizers and clear plastic drawer organizers are the perfect containers for organizing dental supplies and beauty products.

Idea #4 Choose coordinating organizers

Organizing small items in open areas, such as paper clips and pens on a desk, can create visual noise. Contain the clutter in stacking organizer drawers and establish a streamlined look by using coordinating organizing products. Apply this trick when organizing closets and other small spaces.

Idea #5 Keep your drawers organized

Organizing drawers in the kitchen or bath is a quick way to make a big impact. The best organization solution for cluttered drawers is to use drawer organizers. For deep drawers choose containers with tall walls such as Bliss organizers and for narrow drawers, stackable drawer organizers work best.

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