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Experience the Audrey Stackable Drawer Collection

Incorporate modular stacking drawers for a simple way to organize any room of the home. Check out these spaces that the organization experts at STORi tidied up with the Audrey modular drawer collection.


From makeup to jewelry to hair care products, the Audrey system is a smart storage solution. Organize a vanity with 6-3/4-inch drawers to hold lotion bottles and jars. Top with an Audrey cosmetic organizer to sort makeup brushes, nail polish, and lipstick. Build it up! For maximum storage, fill and stack modular drawers with lip balm, eyeshadow palettes, and watches.


In a closet or under a sink, mix and match 6-3/4-inch and 4-1/2-inch drawers to utilize vertical storage space. Fill clear drawers with wrapped bath bombs, extra dental floss, toothpaste, and loofahs. Organize essentials! Sort and store first aid and medicine products in cabinets with stackable drawers. Easily locate wellness items when you need them the most.


For an easier morning routine, create a home coffee bar. Store coffee pods and accessories next to the coffee maker in 4-1/2-inch and 6-3/4-inch drawers. Keep it together! Store baking supplies in one place. Stack Audrey drawers on pantry shelves to sort spices, cupcake liners, and tea bags.

Office and Craft

A creative way to use an Audrey makeup organizer is in an office or craft room. Sort ribbons, markers, and stamps on a desktop. Stack on top of a 12-inch wide drawer for a space-saving organization option. Make it you! Turn any work area into an organized space. Sort pens, notepads, and calculators in clear stackable drawers.


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