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Great Spaces for Drawer Organizers

Clear drawer organizers are functional in many spaces. The organization experts at STORi share their favorite places to sort.


Maintaining an orderly workspace is essential to stay productive and efficient. Drawer organizers keep scissors, pencils, and calculators easily accessible during the workday.

Vanity The trick to keeping your favorite palettes, brushes, and lipstick sorted is clear organizers. Save space on your vanity surface by storing beauty supplies in drawers.

Kitchen A simple solution to organize kitchen drawers is investing in a modular system. From beverages to cooking utensils, STORi drawer organizers can accommodate your culinary supplies.

Craft Do not let disorganization be a part of your creative process. Drawer organizers are perfect for keeping markers, stamps, and glitter at your fingertips in your art studio.

Bath Everything has a place when you sort your toiletry items in clear organizers. Find a home in your bathroom drawers for lotion, cotton pads, and nail clippers.

Utility Easily locate your must-have items in a utility drawer that is sorted and decluttered. Stock your drawer organizers with batteries and tools for any project.


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