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How to Organize a Junk Drawer

The messiest drawer in the house can be organized too. Turn a cluttered junk drawer into a functional space. The organization experts at STORi share their steps for creating an organized drawer.

Step 1: Pick a Time

It is best to tackle a junk drawer all at one time. Find an hour that you will be free from distractions.

Step 2: Clean it Out

Start with a clean slate. Remove all of the items from the drawer and clean any messes with your favorite all-purpose cleaner.

Step 3: Measure the Space

Measure the inside of the drawer to determine which size drawer liner and organizers you will need to fit the space.

Step 4: Add a Colorful Liner

Add a fun drawer liner to make any drawer more cheerful. We recommend liners that can be easily removed and cleaned.

Step 5: Arrange Organizers

Divide the drawer with clear drawer organizers. Plastic organizers are easy to clean and keep everyday items at your fingertips.

Step 6: Fill the Drawer

Fill the organizers with your essential items. Sort items by use and size. Modular organizers of various sizes allow you to customize the junk drawer to fit your needs.

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