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Improve Overlooked Areas in Your Home

Check out these new ideas to improve organization in your home. Find tips from the organization experts at STORi to store everyday household items.

Girls Closet

Got girls? The shelf of a closet is the perfect space to store hair supplies. Keep headbands, bottles, and brushes in a headband holder. A divided organizer is perfect for nail polish and lotion bottles.

Craft Desk

Get crafty and create an organized space. Use a 5-compartment organizer to sort punches and bottles. Apothecary jars are a beautiful solution for brushes and spools. Store ribbon and glitter in stackable drawers. Pens stay separated in a duo-canister holder. Easily locate stamps and pads in a multi-level organizer.

Laundry Room Shelves

Wash, dry, repeat. Use a file bin to hold large bottles and boxes. Sort smaller stain pens and washing machine cleaner packets in a 5-compartment organizer. Label apothecary jars for dryer balls and lost socks.

Snack Drawer

Create a snack drawer for any time of day. Sort crackers, cookies, and granola bars in large clear drawer organizers. Smaller items like fruit snacks and cracker packets sit perfectly in long drawer organizers.


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