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Quick Tips to Upgrade Your Workspace

Whether you work from home or in an office building, an organized desk will set you up for success. The organization experts at STORi share their top tips for upgrading your workspace.

Use Open Containers

Open containers provide quick access to office supplies. A 6-compartment organizer is perfect for keeping pens and notepads upright. Open-top bins are a simple solution for storing extra paper clips and staple boxes.

Consider Your Space

Before purchasing organizers, evaluate your space and needs. A slim 3-compartment organizer keeps pens, pencils, and rulers sorted. For large-capacity storage, use modular stacking drawers to hold desk essentials.

Organize Desk Drawers

Stackable drawer organizers keep desk drawers tidy. Sort push pins, highlighters, and scissors. Use multiple sizes to customize the storage for your needs.

Organize Media and Digital Records

An often overlooked organization category is digital records and media. Choose a system of stackable CD holders and DVD holders to keep entertainment and digital items organized.

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