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Spring Organizing Tips

January 1, 2020

The start of a new year is the perfect time to set goals. Organizing often overlooked ares of the home is at the top of many resolution lists. The organization experts at STORi are sharing their ideas on the areas to focus on for 2020.

Organize under the bathroom sink

Cabinets under the sink have ample vertical storage space, make the most of this space by using stackable storage containers. Organize bottles, store boxes, and sort beauty supplies in stackable open front bins.

Focus on your craft room

Craft supplies seem to multiply over time. Choose clear organizers to store your supplies; with everything in view you can easily locate paint, beads, and stamps. Stackable containers are perfect for small spaces. Open top divided organizers keep kids craft supplies organized and in one location.

Create a coffee station

Make your morning coffee routine a peaceful experience. Find containers that are functional and look great on kitchen countertops. Organize with a beautifully clear canister, use apothecary jars for k-cups. Stackable mocha mist drawers organize stirrers, coffee bags, and tea pouches.

Store makeup with vertical storage

This year, treat yourself to a makeup station. Use clear organizers to display your colorful palettes, makeup bottles and brushes. Choose a coordinating system for a cohesive look on your vanity. Small and large makeup drawers are great for nail polish bottles and compacts. Top it with a multi-compartment organizer to sort lipstick, makeup brushes and other cosmetics.

Keep kids organized

Give your child a place to put their games, books, and toys. A divided organizer is great on a nightstand. Consider adding a second organizer for plush toys. Children will love to display their favorite characters in their bedroom.


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