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Tips for Bathroom Organization

January 1, 2020

Try these 5 simple bathroom organization tips to free up valuable space in your bathroom. Apply these ideas from the organization experts at STORi for a neat and functional vanity.

Tip 1: Organize daily essentials

An organized space will simplify your daily routine. Incorporate organizers that keep everyday beauty supplies at your fingertips. A compact cotton ball and swab holder with a tray lid to hold jewelry is a great addition to your vanity.

Tip 2: Sort hair supplies

Why is it that when you need hair supplies, they are nowhere to be found? Solve this dilemma by using organizers designed specifically for hair accessories. Stackable compartments are perfect for hair ties, clips, and scrunchies. Store hairbrushes in a compatible headband holder.

Tip 3: Organize under the sink

Bottles, jars, and sponges can accumulate under the bathroom sink. Tame the clutter with stackable drawers. Choose compatible drawers in multiple sizes for a custom solution. Large drawers are perfect for boxes and bottles and small drawers stack easily together.

Tip 4: Organize kids' vanities

Set your kids up for success. To help make organizing easy, choose storage containers with open tops and compartments. A Bliss organizer & a 5-compartment organizer can sort all their daily needs such as; hairbrushes, shampoo bottles, and lotion.

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